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The Bull Rider's Experience

The experience begins the moment the fans enter the bull rider's locker room. A pre show video welcomes them to "Bullvicious". A cowboy team member assists with the protective vest harness, chaps and helmet. As they approach the bucking chute, the rider begins to feel like a bull rider.

The rider mounts the bull from the back of the bucking chute and is harnessed on from the vest. After a wrap around the hand with the bull rope, the rider is ready for the ride of a life time. A nod of the head, the chute gate swings open and out of the chute comes Bullvicious with the fury of a real live bucking bull.The rider is engulfed by the surround sound of a crowd cheering the ride. The projection on a surround screen of the crowd moves in the opposite direction the bull is bucking, giving the sensation that Bullvicious is bucking even harder and faster than he actually is.

The simulation of the bull rider's experience is so real that it tricks the senses of the rider into a dimension of time that makes eight seconds feel like an eternity. The fan riders will now better understand what only the pro bull riders have known before there was Bullvicious.

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