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"Bullvicious" is entertainment in the nature of an amusement park ride with a theme of rodeo bull riding. It is a virtual reality simulation of an animatronics rodeo bucking bull that is a close facsimile to an anatomically correct, rodeo bull. The pre show takes place first in a locker room consisting of bull riding equipment with a monitor on the wall projecting a video of a cowboy announcer welcoming the patrons to Bullvicious the bull riders experience, and explaining the safety rules etc.

Each participant is assisted by a cowboy attendant, who also explains how the vest, chaps, helmets, and other equipment to be used and worn. After completing the instruction and preparation phase of the experience in the locker room the riders are escorted to the area behind the bucking chutes. Behind the chutes the cowboy attendant demonstrates how to rosin a bull rope, and how to stretch and loosen up. The first rider mounts the bull from a ramp at an opening on the chute opposite the chute gate. He or she will be assisted by a cowboy team member with the safety protective equipment that keeps them from falling off the bull. He will then instruct the rider on how to take hold of the bull rope, and call for the bull. The ride will begin when the bull rider nods his head.

The gate swings open and the bull turns out of the chute moving forward very fast. The bull's body under the rider's legs will expand and contract. The Bulls head and neck move up down and from side to side. Projection on the surround screen shows a cheering crowd enjoying the action. The lighting above and below will also help to simulate the visual perception that pro bull riders have while riding bulls. The sound effects include the rhythmic clanging of a cowbell, and the hollow sound of the bellowing bull that seems to come from a distance deep within the bowels of the beast. The movements of the bull are computer controlled and powered to simulate the feeling of riding a real bucking bull. The bull's fast forward movements and sudden hard front downward drop, simulates the front feet hitting the ground. The bull's hind legs actually kicking and the projection of the cheering crowd on the surround screen, accentuates the realism. All of these elements combined will stimulate the rider's senses to feel what bull rider's experience, without the risk of injury.

At the end of every bull ride the sound of a buzzer and the roar of the crowd is heard by the rider, making it known that the bull has been conquered. The fan now feels like a bull rider who has just made a great ride. A rodeo clown comes to assist the rider's dismount. A fanfare is played as the announcer gives the score of the bull ride. The adrenaline rush, the power and speed of the bull, the entering into a dimension of time that made eight seconds seem like eternity. All these aspects combined will contribute to the fans now knowing for themselves what it's like to have had,